A “Rhizomatic” Space: HEPIstanbul Housing by CM Mimarlik

Project: HEPIstanbul Housing
Architects: CM Mimarlik
Location: Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey
Area: 2,723,269 sqft (total construction area)
Photographs by: Cemal Emden

HEPIstanbul Housing by CM Mimarlik

HEPIstanbul designed by Istanbul based architectural practice CM Mimarlik is a residential project that it’s spacial organization could be described as rhizomatic with its horizontal and vertical relations. There are no center or centers designated in this organization A centreless movement is aimed at the attraction points are hidden.

HEPIstanbul is a housing project located in the Istanbul metropolitan area, Esenyurt, with a fast increasing demographic with the domestic migration, inhabited mostly by mid-class socio-economic families.

The site is in the middle of a very dense traffic hub, on a low altitude, without any vista. This lead to setup an inverted social life, open spaces optimizing neighborhood relations.

On 56.000 sqm site area, the given maximum %40 lot coverage is only used as %28. The total foot print is tried to be reduced to allow maximum open and green space uses, courtyards. To obtain that low rise and high rise buildings are mixed. The high rises are diverted according to direction, shadow, wind and access point.

The 25 storey is accepted as the effective limit both for construction/financial issues and comfort. The units, 1422 in total, are designed in a container logic with different sizes, and placed in various positions in a floor typology. This differentiation is also the main element for their facade design. The low rise row houses have also different heights allowing the roofs to be used as public roof gardens or terraces.

A “rhizomatic” spacial organisation is designated; no centres, with the attraction points all around. This led to create secondary passages, courtyards on different levels allowing the critical air flow. For the sun penetrate inside all the compound, the heights of the buildings aligned on the North-South axis decreases through east. West masses have different gauges blocking the negative effects of the highway and the West sun.

CM Mimarlik


Project Title: HEPIstanbul Housing
Project Location: Esenyurt / Istanbul / Turkey
Architects: CM Mimarlik / Cem Sorguc
Design Team: Cem Sorguc, Tolga Yagli, Sezin Ergene, Cigdem Yalrsu, Cuneyt Senturk, Ege Adas, Serra Ayhan, Amina Rezoug, Gizem Candemir, Eda Aytekin, Deniz Gezgin, Gizay Ozum, Tutku Sevinc, Elvan Cakit, Ozlem Yilmaz
Client: Tekfen Real Estate Development Group
Gross Floor Area: 253.000 sqm (total constructon area)
Costs: (Estimated) 104.000.000 $
Main Contractor: Tekfen Real Estate Development Group
Civil Engineering: Protek Group
Mechanical Engineering: Cilingroglu Engineering
Electrical Engineering: Fundamental Design and Consultancy
Facade Consultancy: CWG
Fire Protection Consultancy: Etik Engineering
Landscape Design: Arzu Nuhoglu Peyzaj
Photo Credit: Cemal Emden



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