Reydon Grove Farm by Norm Architects in Suffolk, United Kingdom

Project: Reydon Grove Farm
Architects: Norm Architects
Location: Suffolk, United Kingdom
Area: 2,658 sq ft
Photographs by: Jinas Bjerre-Poulsen

Reydon Grove Farm by Norm Architects

Norm Architects have designed the Reydon Grove Farm in Suffolk, an English county. This flat roofed pavilion is located on a narrow property and its design takes the size of the neighboring structures into account. Placed on an elevated platform on the border of the working farm, this bungalow is filled with views of its rural environment.
The building is constructed primarily from wood except for the window frames which are made of discrete dark carbon grey metal and the fascia board on the roof.

Situated on the border of a working farm in Suffolk (UK), the Scott House has been designed as a long and narrow flat roofed pavillon, to give the building a sufficient magnitude and scale to correspond sizes of the existing barn and the old dairies on the site. The long structure is placed on the edge of the property, perfectly conveying the transition from the meadowlands to the cultivated farmland and private enclosed garden.

The house is lifted on a slightly elevated sand stone plateau, that serves to lift the building slightly to a level that matches the gentle slope of the site from the East towards the West, which provides the interior with a view over both the garden and the fields in the horizon. The large overhang of the roof and the thin fascia board makes the building as light and airy as possible.

The internal layout of the house is an open space plan with long views, only divided by freestanding elements in to different functional zones. The design of the facade is all about transparency, letting nature be an integral part of the interior and framing views of the extraordinary settings.

Norm Architects


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