Revive Your Memories: 19 Engrossing Ways To Make Photo Wall In Your Home

Paintings, photographs, interesting graphics, are details that can give beauty to every interior, enrich it and make it special. Each of us in our home keeps photos of nice people, an art image, or an interesting graphic. Why these memories don’t refine to the wonderful ambience of our home? With a little imagination and a little effort, the old photos will become an interesting detail that gives a personal touch to your interior.

Choose a corner in your home that is sufficiently conceivable and at eye level. Make sure the surface of the wall where you want to place the photo is large enough in order to have greater freedom in creating your own galleries. The most common rooms for photo wall are: the living room, corridor, stairs, or dining room. You should not burden each wall with paintings. Leave one or two free, because of the visual balance and overall harmony. All you need to do is to measure the desired surface of the wall where you would like to hang the photos. You have the opportunity to think carefully, and to find aesthetically acceptable solution the same as it would be on the wall. There are countless ways to design your photo wall, you just need to make that one according to your desires. We present you some inspirational ideas which might help you to design fascinating photo wall in your home. Have fun and be creative!


Image via Lisa Petrole Photography


Image via Elouise Van Riet Gray


Image via Kate Bruinsma


Image via Mary Schannen


Image via Mary Gardella


Image via Werner Segarra


Image via Stephanie Wiley Photography


Image via Bernard Andre Photography


Image via Bookstrucker Photography


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