Retro Wallpapers- Beautiful Addition To Every Contemporary Home

Retro wallpapers seem to be an impenetrable trend. For 15 years they have been in fashion, and their popularity is not disappearing, whether it’s floral, striped or ‘heavy’ oriental patterns. Despite the fact that they are often visually overburdened and that by placing them at risk of dominating space, retro wallpapers are an absolute hit that can be seen in many modern and contemporary homes. But many do not dare to make a step towards vintage wallpapers and decorate the walls of their apartment. Or, more precisely, parts of his apartment.

In the past, all the walls in the room were covered with wallpapers, while today it is reduced to only one wall or part of it. Due to their pronounced patterns and colors, retro wallpaper is sometimes enough to be the only decoration on this wall. Only two square meters of wallpaper with an oriental, floral or striped pattern will make the room look completely new. And do not forget, the wallpaper, in terms of your style, defines every space. Interior designers advise you to take care of colors and do not overdo it with patterns, so they will not dominate. Otherwise, you will make the room overloaded with patterns, or too dark because if you use dark tones!


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