Reserva House by Pablo Padin Arquiteto in Brazil

Project: Reserva House
Architects: Pablo Padin Arquiteto
Location: Jundiai, Brazil
Area: 5,920 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Pablo Padin Arquiteto

Reserva House by Pablo Padin Arquiteto

The Reserva House is a stunning modern dwelling designed by Pablo Padin Arquiteto for a single family. It is located in the industrial city of Jundiai in Brazil and offers just under 6,000 square feet of beautiful, modern living spaces separated across two stories.

The Reserva House is a single-family house, located in a gated community near São Paulo megalopolis, in the industrial city of Jundiaí. The idea of the Project consists in promoting the Family gathering. Its lower floor is a social open space that looks outside to the tropical garden that surrounds the building. The large span slab creates big spaces without partitions. It was used a reinforced concrete grid structure system, not very common in single-family houses, that gives an industrial signature to the construction. Medium cost materials have been used in innovative ways to provide comfort and visual quality to the users, as intended in a luxury 550 square meter house.

The living room and its surroundings are totally flexible, permitting various layouts for the possible requirements of the growing Family. The upper floor consists of the private Family area: bedroom, bathrooms, and home-theater. These spaces are made of structural Mansory and covered with a pre-fabricated concrete slab. The bathrooms open to internal small patios that provide natural lighting and ventilation. The upper floor façade is covered with void elements, called “cobogós” that protects from solar heating of the spaces and provide natural ventilation and private use.

The roof floor is used to the technical areas as water reservoir, water heating solar panels, pool water heating tubes and other utilities in order to make the house life as sustainable as possible. These utilities are held in a sculptural concrete and stainless steel structure. The roof is covered with a polymeric membrane and is accessible to people, without the necessity of special security items. There is also a deck on this floor with the magnificent view of the Japi Sierra mountains.

Pablo Padin Arquiteto



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