Reliable Tips to Keep Your Home Always Secured

Although house-breaking rates have seen a tremendous drop in the past few years, they still happen and are considered the most common crime everywhere around the world.

To keep your home safe, you need to eliminate any opportunity a thief might use. Here are some tips that will help you on doing just that.

Secure your home exterior

Be a burglar

Lock your front-back-side doors, windows and step outside. Take a walk around your house exterior with a burglar mindset. Look at where a burglar might sneak inside your house. You can even take the opportunity to force open a window or a door. If you could break into your own home, then you might need to replace your doors and windows, or install new locks. A step further from your house and try looking through windows. Is there a valuable possession that can be seen from any angle from your backyard? If so, find another place for such items in your house, to clear out anything that might encourage a burglar in the first place.

Security camera systems

After you secure all your windows and doors, consider investing in a security system. You donโ€™t have to resort to a third party to install a system either; researchers at DD Counter Measures state that not only are there various home security systems and surveillance cameras in the market, you can choose from, but there are also some systems you can build yourself without reaching out for a surveillance company. Such companies might charge monthly costs for something that you can set up yourself.

Evaluate your neighborhood and house needs before picking a system. It is a good idea to contact your local police department. They can provide you with reliable advice on which security system is suitable, based on your neighborhood crime statistics and burglar techniques.

Your house can be made safe by just installing security cameras in your home exterior at every angle.Make sure the system you pick is easy and comfortable to use. Otherwise, you will end up spending lots of money on something you are unable to use.

Modern cameras include motion detectors and night vision. They are also easily connected to Wifi, your home network, and smart home devices. Other features include recording videos, as well as detecting smoke and carbon monoxide. Be sure to pick cameras for outdoor usage, as they are more durable and usually waterproof.

Door locks

Other than making sure that you replace lousy locks and keeping your doors locked at all times, be clever about how you handle your house keys. If any of your family members have the habit of losing keys, or if you have maids going in and out of your house, then it would be a good idea to update your locks. Changing the locks and keys once or twice a year is a good tip to keep your house safe from burglary. Also, be wise about where you keep an emergency key. Under the doormat or near a flower pot are well-known hidden spots. So, either find an unexpected spot around your house, or just leave an extra key with a trustworthy neighbor.

Security dogs

If you do not have an open heart towards technology, you can always use the help of security dogs, theyโ€™re trained to track anything out of the ordinary and are trained to attack as well.

Secure your home interior

There are less things to be taken care of inside your home, but they provide you with extra protection.

Home appearance

Make sure your house appears occupied most of the time. Keep one room or two lit up, or switch on your television, and some outdoor lighting. An easy way of keeping your home appears occupied is to invest in some smart lights, especially if you travel frequently. With smart lights, you can create an on and off schedule in various rooms during the day and night, which will appear as if someone is inside all the time. Another smart, and rather funny, way of intimidating potential burglars is to install smart lighting that detects motion. Using those on your front lawn will definitely scare thieves away from your house.

Safe deposit

There are people who prefer hiding their valuables in a safe deposit in their homes, and others who prefer to rent a safe deposit in a bank. Either way, such information needs to be as private as possible. In case you install a safe in your home, make sure that is done by professionals.

If you are like many people who dislike the whole safe deposit idea, then make sure to choose a hidden stash in your house for any extra money, jewelry or important documents. By taking a look around with a burglarโ€™s eyes, you will be able to find hidden and unexpected places in your rooms. You can even add some secret compartments when designing your furniture.

Lock Wireless Network

Do not underestimate your wireless network security. It can be a gateway for hackers and tech thieves. By keeping your wireless network access, they can access your email, social applications, credit card information and any recent travel bookings. To avoid that, always set up WPA or WPA2 encryption, activate firewalls and install an antivirus on your computer. Just as you would do with your home keys, change passwords regularly on your Wi-Fi, email, social media and bank accounts, just in case.


Here are some things you can do other than securing your indoor and outdoor premises.


Get to know your neighbors better. A house-warming party or a neighborhood activity will help you make friends. The neighbors are very important where you live; you can share travel schedules to keep each-other’s houses safe, and free of any suspicious activity.


If your neighborhood has a high crime rate, organizing a neighborhood watch program will be very beneficial. Local police departments can educate everyone on how to identify a robbery in progress, how to recognize a suspicious person, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Unfortunately, crimes like home burglary can never be eliminated for good. Yet, by taking those reliable and simple measures of security, you will be able to prevent or reduce any chances of home theft, keeping your family and home valuables safe and sound.


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