Puertecillo House by Estudio Base Arquitectos in Navidad, Chile

Project: Puertecillo House
Estudio Base Arquitectos
Navidad, Chile
Area: 1,829 sf
Year: 2019
Photographs by: Courtesy of Estudio Base Arquitectos

Puertecillo House by Estudio Base Arquitectos

Estudio Base Arquitectos has only been featured recently in our showcase of their Patagonia Complex project in the southern parts of Chile but now they’re back again with the Puertecillo House, a small beach house located in the central part of Chile. It is a compact dwelling made almost entirely of wood due to its ability to withstand the coastal climate.

Located in the upper zone of Puertecillo, a small beach located in the central zone of Chile, in the district of Navidad; mix between field and sea that stands out for being the hidden paradise of surfers where you can be enjoying the sea, forests and nature.

The house is located on a very steep terrain with a north-west orientation. The strategy was to generate different terraces to take advantage of the morphology of the place, all the enclosures are oriented with a view to the bank; that flows into the sea.

It is made almost entirely of wood, due to the benefits of the material exposed to the coastal climate, a 1.4 ”board coating of dry pine in chamber was used for its better finish and durability over time, installed as a system of ventilated façade. We apply a black tint to the entire exterior, so the house is lost in the landscape, concealing itself among the vegetation.

In a volume with two large public and private areas, it is distributed on three levels: The first level with access to living / dining room and bedrooms, lower level with the cellars and covered terraces that protect from the sun and wind in the summer; These are directly related to the patio and the third level is the roof of the house, with a habitable terrace, this allows to rescue all the panoramic views of the place; above all the horizon, the view of the valley and the ravine towards the sea.

Estudio Base Arquitectos


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