Project Ideas Of Having An Elevated Pool

A swimming pool is good, right? But just thinking about the work that goes into building one… Fortunately, nowadays there is a solution for that. Do you know which one? The elevated pool.

This type of pool, which has become increasingly popular, is full of advantages that you need to know better.

And for that, nothing better than staying here in this post and following all the tips and ideas we brought you, come see!

What is the Elevated Pool?

The elevated pool, as the name suggests, is one built above the ground, without the need for excavation, very different from conventional pools that require excavation of the ground.

But that’s not the only feature of the elevated pool. It also stands out for other advantages, as you will see below.

Elevated pool design care

Despite being much more accessible, practical, and quick to build, the elevated pool has some important points that must be evaluated before starting the project. See what they are below:

Count on a professional

Even if it is a small elevated pool, you must seek guidance from a professional capable of evaluating the ground or, in the case of high places, the conditions of the house’s structure.

This is critical to ensuring the safety, durability, and stability of the elevated pool. A soil with little compaction may not support the weight and pressure of water, requiring, in this case, the creation of beams and pillars to help support.

An elevated pool in high places can compromise the structure of the slab, becoming a danger to the safety of the property. So call a professional to evaluate these issues together with you.

Water pressure

The elevated pool, unlike the floor pool, does not have the terrain walls around it to sustain the water pressure. Because of this, it is important to reinforce the structure of the pool so that it does not create cracks or fissures in the structure, especially in the case of masonry pools.

How about now getting inspired by the following elevated pool ideas? Just take a look:








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