PMC House by Rocco Arquitetos in Ibiuna, Brazil

Project: PMC House
Architects: Rocco Arquitetos
Location: Ibiuna, Brazil
2,981 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by:
Manuel Sá

PMC House by Rocco Arquitetos

The PMC House is a leisure and social area project located in Ibiuna, Brazil. The main objective was to design a space that would provide ample opportunities for the family to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The covered area is a large wooden pavilion made of eucalyptus GLULAM, which accommodates a full kitchen, dining area, living room, and dressing room. The pavilion is supported by two main beams, and the floor coverings are made of demolition wood and “cumaru” wood deck in the solarium around the pool. Large glazed sliding panels create a seamless connection with the outdoors. The lighting design is carefully planned with indirect linear lighting installed around the entire perimeter, over the wooden beams. The spacious design, combined with the use of natural materials, creates a visually light and discreet construction that blends well into the surrounding landscape.

The project program was to design new leisure and social area for a family in an already built residence. The project should include a swimming pool, a solarium, and a covered area that would accommodate a full kitchen, a dining area, a living room, and a dressing room. The space should be as wide and open as possible, in order to explore the surrounding views.

This covered area was conceived as a large wooden pavilion, made of eucalyptus GLULAM (glued laminated timber). Two main beams of 17m in length support a pergola. Wood is also present in the floor coverings: demolition wood on the internal floors and “cumaru” wood deck in the solarium around the pool. Large glazed sliding panels make up the side closures. As it is a space widely used at night, the lighting deserved special attention. Indirect linear lighting was installed on the entire perimeter, over the wooden beams.

The spatial design is clean and simple. The construction has reasonably large dimensions but becomes visually light and discreet in the landscape.

Rocco Arquitetos


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