PJ House by Rakta Studio in Padalarang, Indonesia

Project: PJ House
Architects: Rakta Studio
Location: Padalarang, Indonesia
Area: 7,265 sf
Photographs by: Mario Wibowo

PJ House by Rakta Studio

Rakta Studio has completed the design for an ultra-modern home in an exclusive residential section of Padalarang, Indonesia.
The PJ House with all of its 7,265 square foot of living spaces is a two-story modern home with a spectacular look, both on the inside and the outside.
Its exterior gives away such a sophisticated vibe where everything just fits together and the modern aura is contrasted by the vivid green colors of the trees and plants integrated in the design. The architects have done a truly spectacular job. Take a look at it below!

It would be nice to have a shelter that closes to nature and feel like a vacation in a lake house every day. That is the purpose to bring those feelings to the design. Located in an exclusive residential Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang. West java Indonesia, designed by Rakta Studio with modern tropical style. It is surrounded by nature and lake as the vocal point at the backyard view as the landscape of the house. The architect designed it to see through the lake view from the house by creating a natural view and atmosphere.

Nature, Modern, and Glamorous look is an idea for material selection for the house. Stone and marble with fine texture and pattern were chosen to make a plain wall look more interesting and beautiful. Wood was chosen to use for a warm and cozy feeling. Box‐shape with flat roof keeps a simple look yet modern-ish for the house among the nature around it, with a touch of black color wall painted for the color theme to make it more splendid.

To provide a sequence for its users and also for guests, starting from the foyer as the entrance alongside with the reflecting pool and beautiful artwork before accessing to the private. Between the public guest area and the master living area, there is a courtyard garden with a vertical garden as the vocal point, as the barrier to keep privacy for the private area. Interior and exterior spaces are connected by openings that have a direct view of the garden and the swimming pool. A hanging stair with the wood and marble connect the first story to the upper level of the house, which contains the bedrooms for the owner. The use of glass material as a partition of the outer and inner space within the living and dining room makes this area seem to blend with the outside area.

-Rakta Studio


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