Perla Negra House by Salagnac Arquitectos in Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica

Project: Perla Negra House
Architects: Salagnac Arquitectos
Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica
6.458 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Courtesy of Salagnac Arquitectos

Perla Negra House by Salagnac Arquitectos

Explore the Perla Negra House, a jewel of the beach that blends seamlessly with nature through its inimitable architecture. The long, L-shaped layout maximizes cross-ventilation, elegantly positioning the living areas on the ground floor and the bedrooms above. The habitat is raised in clusters of bark that resemble tree trunks, harmonizing with its surroundings. The black is a subtle camouflage, effortlessly incorporating Casa Perla Negra into its setting. Embracing circulation and landscaping, this residence exemplifies both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, celebrating the intelligence found in natural systems.

Casa Perla Negra, located by the sea amidst a forest of yayos, stands as an exemplary instance of mimetic architecture. This concept involves imitating elements from the natural and cultural surroundings, aiming for a harmonious integration of the building with its environment, reducing environmental impact, and celebrating local culture through innovative design and material use.

Key design elements of the house include; Modulation and Grid Pattern: The house features an elongated L-shaped layout that facilitates cross ventilation. With a 5-meter modulation, it spatially distributes social areas on the first floor and bedrooms above; Terrain Adaptation with Piles: Integration with the terrain is achieved through piles, minimizing environmental impact. Laminated wood, resistant to marine corrosion, mimics the verticality and transparency of surrounding tree trunks. Dark colors are used for camouflage, blending the structure with its environment; Cross Ventilation: The house leverages cross ventilation for creating comfortable social spaces that can open to the outdoors. Bedrooms offer comfort and privacy with cross-ventilation options. Social areas, like the outdoor dining space, are completely open, facilitating a smooth interior-exterior transition.

Additional mimetic elements in the project include; Landscape Integration: The house merges with the surrounding landscape, using black to mimic tree bark and shadow darkness for a camouflage effect; Fusion and Camouflage Details: Design details, such as vertical railings and enclosures, aid in visual integration with the environment; Material and Color: The use of black not only aids in blending with the surroundings but also adds a sober and elegant character to the building.

Casa Perla Negra, therefore, not only stands out for its aesthetics integrated with the environment, but also for its functionality and efficiency, inspired by the intelligence inherent in natural systems, enhancing the relationship between interior and exterior spaces.

Salagnac Arquitectos


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