Pedregal House by Garza Iga Arquitectos in Chihuahua, Mexico

Project: Pedregal House
Architects: Garza Iga Arquitectos
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Area: 4,520 sq ft
Photographs by: Enrique Portillo, courtesy of Garza Iga Arquitectos

Pedregal House by Garza Iga Arquitectos

Located on a hill just outside the north central Mexican city of Chihuahua is a contemporary home called The Pedregal House. 
This residence was designed by a young Mexican architecture and construction practice – Garza Iga ArquitectosTheir design of this house is best described as an uncompromising modernist statement with concrete cubes and neo-Brutalist appearance.


From the architects: “The house is situated on top of a hill with privileged views towards the city, this was the main reason for proposing the two bedrooms turned forward. The bedrooms are two volumes that intersect the main “shell” of exposed concrete.
Both the main and back facades are open, with large windows that let in as much light as possible from the back, and which let the user enjoy the views to the front.
The stairs welcome you as they are the first view upon entering the house. These divide the ground floor public spaces to the left and service spaces to the right. Public spaces consist of a guest bedroom and living room. The service areas include the kitchen, dining and laundry. The private spaces are kept upstairs, a studio / office, and a family room / bar are also found on this level.
The materials used for the construction of the house are the three classic materials; concrete, steel and glass. Although it may seem like a poor solution to the climate of Chihuahua, the house is well insulated with extruded polystyrene panels on all external walls and roofs. The windows are double glazed and are well protected by passive systems.”










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