Paired Residences by Estudio A+3 in Cordoba, Argentina

Project: Paired Residences
Estudio A+3
Cordoba, Argentina
4,057 sf   
Photographs by:
Gonzalo Viramonte

Paired Residences by Estudio A+3

The Paired Residences project is a wonderful contemporary design by Estudio A+3. It is located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, in a well established residential area. These two houses were designed as completely separate units with everything one needs for a comfortable contemporary lifestyle.

The projects is locates in Los Carolinos Neighborhood , in the northwest of the city of Cordoba. In a well established residential area, away from the downtown area. It is a responds to current housing needs.

A  balanced construction  was created, containing the functional program for two houses . On a lot portion of 22 mts by 36,5mts, and depending on the construction restrictions for the area (significant side and front withdrawals).

The place has a steep topography on the back, that reduces significantly the surface of usable backyard. So, terraces and Galleries assume an important role within the project.

Each unit consists of a ground floor structured around a central bank containing services and organizing independent social roles in the project. Inside / outside connections where emphasized, through the use of sliding floor to ceiling carpentry.

Upstairs, by the street, secondary bedrooms where distributed. The master suite owns a terrace of significant dimensions that emphasizes its relations with the outside.

The construction presents itself with pure lines and volumes. Making it  appear  from the outside as a  single unit. The use of stone and white walls as unique materials, seek to simplify the architectural language. Glass carpentry and railings reinforces the concept.

-Estudio A+3


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