Outdoor Space Ideas to Create This Summer

Days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, do you know what that means? It’s time for you to start planning how you’ll spend your summer outdoors! We hope you will enjoy this dreamy inspirational outdoor spaces that we’ve gathered because they are our favorites. Let your senses guide you through these photos and different styles so you find your summer sanctuary.

Small Outdoor Spaces

If your outside space is small and you think it can’t be a beautiful social spot, let us prove you wrong. First of all, get imaginative, take a look at the area you have to work with, get some floor cushions and blankets and let the magic begin. You don’t always have to limit yourself with the space that is not enough long for garden furniture. With all these suggestions we made it will fit just fine. But if you have space for a piece of small garden furniture and opt for a small bistro set rather than a larger lounging piece you are at the right place again.











Relax & Lounge

What’s better than transforming your outdoor area into a seating place where you can curl up with a drink and chat with friends? We don’t think there is a better concept than this one! Not having a dining table doesn’t have to be a handicap to your seating area, simply because you can offer something else. You should try introducing the space with a fire pit or a small coffee table, a perfect tip! And yet both add functionality and style.




Intimate Oasis

If the case is not wanting to go through the expense of paving or decking an area of your garden then we have something to show you. There is one word for this case, and that’s intimacy. Create this space into an intimate, calming and cozy place to be, and the energy will speak for itself in your garden. If you are already questioning yourself what materials to use, here we come again. For example, you can use paving stones or gravel just to show the leading path into your small garden; and also feel free to combine this with a simple set of bistro table and chairs to fit the temperament in the space. Your little piece of heaven will be ready for your morning breakfast, with a cup of tea or coffee. First, create your peace and then enjoy it. Namaste, guys!





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Author: Renata Kralevska

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