Our Favorite Collection of Resin Garden Furniture

And if you fell for resin garden furniture? There are many models, for all styles, all tastes, and all budgets. How to choose your woven resin garden furniture? Here are our answers. 

Can the resin garden furniture stay outside all year round?

Braided resin, with its appearance close to natural rattan, has the advantage of being affordable and resistant to bad weather and UV. Choosing resin garden furniture ensures a comfortable, inexpensive, resistant, and undemanding exterior. Indeed, this synthetic material is very solid and does not require any particular maintenance. You can even leave your garden furniture outside all year round, regardless of the region in which you live. However, for a garden set that lasts over time, it is better to store it in a garage or under protective covers during the winter. Of course, if your outdoor furniture has cushions, these will not keep their shine if they spend the whole year outside.

Resin wicker garden furniture for all tastes

Braided resin has the advantage of being able to take all shapes. Indeed, the material is braided around an aluminum structure – most often -, which allows it to take all the desired styles. There are resin garden sofas, armchairs, poufs, and even tables! Resin garden furniture remains rather light and is easy to move. However, they are often quite large and it is impossible to fold them. They are therefore to be preferred if you have a large terrace or a garden. On a balcony, favor small compact garden furniture.

Synthetic resin, the new rattan

In appearance, synthetic resin is quite similar to natural rattan. But this material remains more affordable and extremely resistant to bad weather, which gives it a great advantage for outdoor furniture. Unlike wood, it does not grey. To be sure, find out about its anti-UV treatment, the quality of its weaving (try to move the material, which must remain fixed to the structure), and it’s color treatment. This makes it possible to count on a durable product.

There are several types of wicker, also known as poly rattan or synthetic wicker. This synthetic fiber is made from polyethylene and is fully recyclable. If we most often encounter flat synthetic wicker, which gives a very modern look to garden furniture, we also find round synthetic wicker, which looks more like natural rattan and will be much more expensive. This is premium resin wicker.


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