One Roof House by mlnp Architects in Seongnam, South Korea

Project: One Roof House
Architects: mlnp Architects
Location: Seongnam-si, South Korea
Area: 2,454 sf
Photographs by: Hohyung Yu

One Roof House by mlnp Architects

mlnp Architects – a South Korean studio, has designed a very unique modern home in Pan-gyo, South Korea. This residence uses a single pitched roof to shelter three distinct spaces, two of which are separate spaces for the parents and the children while the last unit is a common area.
For this reason, the residence was given the title of One Roof House. Furthermore, the roof integrates skylights that improve the interior lighting quality using sunlight.

One Roof house (One Roof hereafter) is located in Pan-gyo, a residential area in the suburb of Seoul. This building focuses on spatial arrangement and sectional plan rather than exteriors. One Roof is divided into three different spaces, each having different characters in both horizontal and vertical layout. In horizontal layout, One Roof suggests to separate spaces for parents and children, with the family space connecting them together on the rectangular-shaped ground.

This layout achieves true privacy between family members while making better use of family space. In vertical layout; 1) the ground floor – the communal space having a grand living room open to the front and the back with a bench to be shared with neighbors, 2) the second floor – the private area with an exclusive family room for promoting affinity between family members, and stair-shaped playground for children, and 3) the attic – an intimate space with a hobby room for parents, a library for children and a garden open to the sky. Each individual space can be well lighted and ventilated even in dense residential areas by applying an opening to the sky and careful layout for windows and doors.

The ground floor is finished with white-colored exterior insulation finishing wall, and the second floor and rooftop are done with dark metal sheet in vertical pattern to stress aesthetic tension in the gable roof. The triangular-shaped window facing south uses 32 millimeters thick polycarbonate that allows natural light to gently come through inside during day time, while offering unique exterior landscape during night time with the structure seen as shadow with delicate light coming from the inside.

mlnp Architects


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