Office Chairs That Are Practical And Look Great

If you’re spending a long time sitting down at a desk, then you have to be comfortable. Whether you’re at a computer for work or play, it’s important to have an office chair that provides support to your back, has breathable material, and ideally has a nice aesthetic as well.


You might think any old chair will be fine for you, but you’d be wrong. Designers have spent a lot of time crafting office chairs that are optimized for the best care for your back, so why not take advantage of them? Take a look at the following options we’ve found.

Aeron Chair


While it might cost a pretty penny at $780, the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is a genuine thing of beauty and functionality. According to its designers, the office chair is described to be “a whole new experience.” Said to encourage the most optimal position for your spine (chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward), the Aeron Chair also moves with you, by tilting seamlessly as you shift your body. It’s also highly customizable, coming in three sizes, three colors, and further add-on features.

Steelcase Gesture


If you thought the Aeron Chair was expensive, then prepare yourself for the Steelcase Gesture. At $998, the chair might be the price of a throne to some, but you’re bound to feel like royalty when sitting on it. Because so many of today’s popular video games are played on a PC, and gamers are using options to make their own online communities, it goes without saying that these particular people will spend many hours sitting at their computers. That’s why the Steelcase Gesture is a popular option for PC gamers, so they can sit comfortably for long periods of time.

Of course, the chair can also be a good solution for anyone who sits at a desk for most of the day. The Steelcase Gesture has some very similar qualities to the Aeron Chair, such as continuous support wherever the sitter moves their body. There are also many customizable options that allow you to sit the way you want, including the amount of lean, position of armrests, and the backstop.



Designed more for intermittent, short-term use, the Ballo ($299) is a fun and unique little stool that will look vibrant in any office space. Looking somewhat like a fanciful exercise ball, the Ballo contains a counterweighted base to help stability, is incredibly lightweight and portable, and extremely comfortable. As we’ve seen with these colorful selections, a flamboyant chair can add a touch of excitement to any room, so choosing a Ballo in blue, red, green, yellow, or sky blue is bound to give some liveliness to your working space (black or gray options are also available).


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