Natural Baking by OYTT Design in Shenyang, China

Project: Natural Baking
Architects: OYTT Design
Location: Shenyang, China
Area: 1,076 sf
Year: 2024
Photographs by: Ming Chen

Natural Baking by OYTT Design

Crops are thriving, grains are fresh, and the carefully processed ingredients, infused with delicate techniques, bring forth a new burst of flavors in the ancient land. This highlights the shared essence of Chinese and international culinary traditions across the seasons, emphasizing the importance of natural freshness. Natural Baking stands out among local Chinese bakery brands for its commitment to the core philosophy of “harmonizing with nature” and dedication to using “seasonal ingredients”.

Situated in Wuyue Plaza, a prominent business hub in the bustling Shenbei New District, this project caters to families and young individuals seeking a healthy lifestyle. It offers a cozy and inviting dining experience for customers. The design seamlessly integrates materials, colors, and block forms to create a smooth and intuitive service flow. By blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, it infuses the neighborhood with vibrant commercial energy, featuring a variety of stores to cater to diverse needs.

The main entrance features elegant curves, evoking a sense of freedom and dynamism, while the use of wood grain marble adds a touch of natural beauty to the interior. This combination creates a serene and uncluttered shopping environment. The striking neon logo enhances brand visibility and conveys a sense of enthusiasm, connecting customers with the brand’s emotional values. Within this balanced atmosphere of tension and relaxation, cream-colored product display cabinets are strategically placed at the center, adding aesthetic appeal and organizing the diverse flow of movement within the space.

Smooth lines extend gracefully, with curved blocks intersecting various forms and materials to bring a unique touch. Solid triangles and square screen pillars strategically placed on each side work together to enhance the brand’s perception and image from multiple angles.

Within the store, a large ceiling light replicates the gentle natural skylight, creating a soothing ambiance. The rounded corners surrounding the columns integrate the ancient architectural technique of “corner wiping” while embracing deconstructionism, offering visitors a spacious and creatively designed environment with a liberating view.

Amidst the intersecting vertical and horizontal lines, the transparent glass windows showcase the delicate baked goods, bathed in the soft glow of wooden hues, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The interplay of light and shadow within the horizontal grille counters enhances the appeal of the food space. Here, the line between reality and illusion blurs as the enticing display of healthy and delicious treats sparks emotions in conversations and selections, creating a delightful and immersive experience within the space.

In the ordering area, the yellow marble with its lined texture complements the creamy wood color, creating a unique blend of wilderness and gentleness. Adorned with decorative pictures showcasing nature’s bountiful crops throughout the seasons, the space conveys the brand’s concept of natural health, while also imparting a sense of freedom and spontaneity to customers.

Amidst the interplay of soft light and dark shadows, light and color harmoniously blend in the space, providing an ideal backdrop for the authentic essence of food to unfold and making each customer’s experience unique. The juxtaposition of square and circular elements represents the fusion of traditional concepts and Western baking, resulting in a distinctive style that paves the way for the innovative development of Natural Baking produce.

Inspired by the brand concept of “natural and healthy,” this project embodies the essence of the four seasons, crafting exquisite flavors that blend Chinese and Western traditions with modern trends. The result is a new retail space that harmoniously combines spirit, form, personality, and aesthetics. With its simple and inviting ambiance, the space tantalizes the taste buds, rejuvenates the soul, and becomes a cherished refuge in the hustle and bustle of city life. It imparts not only the brand’s culinary excellence but also its profound spiritual ethos to every customer it serves.

-Project description and images provided by OYTT Design



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