Naegok V House by jhy architect & associates in Seoul, South Korea

Project: Naegok V house
jhy architect & associates
Seoul, South Korea
3,164 sf
Photographs by: Kyung sub, Shin

Naegok V House by jhy architect & associates

jhy architect & associates have designed the Naegok V House in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The design of this 3,164 square foot home boasts a contemporary look and layout but it incorporates traditional design values that create a wonderful combination of modern and traditional for the region.

The project is sited in a greenbelt zone of the south of Seoul, a region rich with green nature and springs. It has an atypical boundary, which is prominent feature for design site plan, comes from a redefinition of park zone on the north mountain, Guryong-san. Architect started to design Cheon_kyung_jae with site plan which could accomplish “open view” and “closed privacy”. “V” shape site plan which could accomplish spatial extraversion and introversion composed with a spring at the center as well as help to divide the volume to be seen the house proper from a pedestrian level. The project ventures how the house could absorb breathtaking scenery with friendly view from road level which is 3m lower than a ground, offering a diverse view and mutual intersection of exterior and interior space. This project highlights the composition of architectural and environmental features which motivate our senses to recognize space and materials ahead of the rational, as well as “high quality environmental ability” which is the central to the house criteria.

A main approach from the street level runs under the cheon_kyng_jae with stairways to the ground level where back yard and park area shown up to welcome. The architect decided to use garage of old house for under path entrance sequence not only reduce a cutting and fill up ground but also emphasize poetic scene of back yard with natural light and ventilation. After the second entrance, picturesque scene composed of water, rock, pine tree, mountain come into sight which represents the value of this house.

The architectural language, composed of straight lines, sharp angles and points of inflection, comes from the edge of the site, applied uniformly to this project interior and exterior as well. Various angles, above all, represent the spatial order and the metaphor of dynamism of life through interior elements. A waffle shaped ceiling element contains light and ventilation system in the living room is the specially designed sculptural element which makes space deeper visually through mirror effect.

This project incorporates high insulation factor, triple low-e glass window system, dehumidification by underground water, heat exchanger during the ventilation, integration of energy from photovoltaic, retrieval underground water, etc. to accomplish high quality environmental ability. Brick and staco-flex with outside insulation mainly used for exterior finish are carefully chosen by means of the sustainability as well as the possibility of material’s expression. Twisted brick walls, for instance, face the spring at the center of the house, remind swimming fishes in the water according to the sun position.

jhy architect & associates


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