Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum by Diogo Aguiar Studio in Lisbon, Portugal

Project: Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum
Architects: Diogo Aguiar Studio
Location: Centro Colombo, Lisbon, Portugal
Area: 1,614 sf
Photographs by: Ivo Tavares Studio

Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum by Diogo Aguiar Studio

Formalized as a geometric and abstract city, built by large yellow cubes, the Nadir Afonso Temporary Museum is an open and fluid space that seeks to create numerous visual and conceptual relationships with the work of the abstractionist artist and Portuguese architect.

Challenging the scale of the place and relating to the large-scale artistic works, the ephemeral exhibition structure takes on a colorful and translucent textile skin that builds a lot of volume with little matter. Providing variations in scale, intensity, proportion and rhythm, the various squares (or exhibition rooms) of the museum space are defined by geometric buildings (or self-standing volumes) that house the works of art, seeking to take advantage of the verticality (and scale) of the central space of the shopping mall Centro Colombo in Lisbon.

Among the several “buildings” that draw this city, two invite to an interior visit, providing a distinct spatial experience: the immersive multimedia room and the architecture room. If, during the day, the solar intensity will give body and volume to the “city”, illuminating streets and squares; at night, the buildings turn on their lights from the inside (backlit volumes) providing a totally different spatial experience in the same museum space.


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