Mushroom Jellyfish House by in Tan Hiep, Vietnam

Project: Mushroom Jellyfish House
Tan Hiep, Vietnam
3.164 sf
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Quang Tran

Mushroom Jellyfish House by

The Mushroom Jellyfish House, situated on Saigon’s outskirts, stands out with a unique design. The project originated from the homeowners’ desire for a garden to connect their children with nature. Divided into outdoor spaces, a porch, and living areas, the house prioritizes simplicity and coziness. The undulating roof structure, inspired by tradition, adds rhythm, while the garden ensures privacy and tranquility. Rustic materials create a warm atmosphere, emphasizing the house’s distinctiveness in the neighborhood.

Mushroom Jellyfish House is on the outskirts of Saigon, where the houses are not close together and are mostly the same (corrugated iron roofs) then Mushroom Jellyfish House is a different part. The project was formed when the homeowners wanted a garden so their children could be closer to nature and away from smart devices, immersing themselves in childhood.

We designed the house divided into three main parts: the outside part is the garden combined with a coffee place or outdoor BBQ sessions on holidays or weekends with loved ones or friends, and next is the house part,

We arranged a fairly large porch so we could sit and read books or simply enjoy the fresh air in the early mornings. The living room and kitchen were arranged outside, separated from the bedroom by a distance.

Garden to create privacy for the homeowner, limit the view from the living room with layers of greenery, and, most of all, make the bedroom more airy and quiet; the materials we use are mostly rough and rustic types, giving the homeowner a simple and cozy feeling.

The entire structure of the house was inspired by traditional roofs, undulating from low to high, creating rhythm; the sloping roof system can drain water quickly and increase the project’s sustainability.


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