Multi-purpose broadcast and event studio for Anadolu agency by BAB Architects

Project: AATOLYE
Architects: BAB Architects
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Area: 5,920 sf
Photographs by: Egemen Karakaya

AATOLYE by BAB Architects

The construction of the new building of Anadolu Agency Multi-Purpose Broadcasting and Event Studio, located in Ankara Headquarters Building, has been completed. The design of the studio which is planned on the axis of innovative, multifunctional and transformable criteria, belongs to BAB Architects, which is known for its architectural and interior design projects of different scales, realized in the national and international arena.

AAtölye designed by BAB Architects, is located in the Ankara Headquarters of Anadolu Agency. It has been completed within two months project and a five months construction process.

The existing conference room has been innovatively redesigned. The space designed from scratch, based on the ‘broadcast design’ function, was created by loading more than one function into it. In order to preserve the function of this area before the transformation; areas which can be transformed into a broadcast studio, director and podcast rooms, greenbox, concert or seminar hall have been added to the project. Thus, a multifunctional interior scenario has been created.

The outer shell of the existing space has been preserved, while the inside has been demolished and completely emptied. The height provided by the single volume area has been formed by the structural openings, geometric field form etc. The aim is to use the space in a functional way and to gain an aesthetic appearance by including all of these spatial possibilities. At this point, in order to transform the area which is not very sufficient when think of the desired functions- into a versatile use without changing the form in the design; a very comprehensive mathematical calculation has been made and almost every point has been evaluated by BAB Architects.

First of all, this space has been designed by considering the spatial needs demanded by the user, in the sense of an atelier/studio that can be completely transformed into one to another without being divided by walls. This situation required the use of many disciplines together. In this direction; Movable platforms which can be hidden inside the floor, whose heights can be changed according to the way of use (event, concert, conference, training, AA Talks, broadcast programs), and mechatronic infrastructures which allow the table used during broadcasting to be brought to the same level with the floor when desired.

A comprehensive electrical infrastructure has been designed to provide consultancy for technological equipment for the needs of the director and all technical areas, and to provide solutions for all functions loaded into the design with these equipments. As a result of all these, with the above-mentioned technical and architectural solutions, form and function are considered equally in design; a versatile broadcast and event studio has been formed, offering its users the opportunity to have different experiences in the same space.

-Project description and images provided by pRchitect


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