Money Saving Home Design Elements to Discuss with Your Architect

When working with an architect to have a hand in actually planning your new home, you just might want to think about ways to keep your living expenses low once you actually inhabit it. While you never want to scrimp on materials, there are things you can do to offset costs now by saving money in the future. For example, instead of letting your architect plan an extremely costly state-of-the-art home security system into the design, opt to add your own once the house is complete.

There are no expensive service contracts with a product like SimpliSafe which you can install yourself in mere minutes and you aren’t even required to have a home phone line or internet access to operate one. They communicate via cell tower connectivity, so if cell phones work in your area, your SimpliSafe will work as well. But, that is only the beginning of the savings you can realize!

Tankless Water Heating

Sometimes referred to as ‘on demand’ or ‘instantaneous’ water heating systems, these are the newest thing on the market for saving money heating water. They only heat water as it is needed and so you aren’t running up a huge electric or gas bill every month keeping a water tank constantly heated to a pre-specified temperature. Water is only heated as you need it and the savings they offer are stupendous. If you are not already aware, just look up how much money you throw out the window every month keeping your water heated. Most homeowners are amazed at just how much hard-earned money they are wasting keeping a water tank hot.

Solar Power

Of course, you will want an electric hookup unless you are looking to live totally off-grid, but you can at least utilize the sun for some of the electricity you will be using. These collect rays via photovoltaic panels, either installed inconspicuously on the roof or on the ground with a southern facing exposure and can generate enough electricity (if big enough of course!) to power an entire small city. No, you don’t need that much power but you get the point! No more brown outs or blackouts because you’ll have enough stored in your backup batteries to keep you going until the power company restores service. A great amenity altogether.

Geothermal HVAC

Did you know that a certain level below ground the temperature remains constant? Most people do know this but aren’t aware of new hi-tech geothermal HVAC systems that can be used in place of air conditioners and home heating systems as we have come to think of them. They are not only cheaper to run but they are also less intrusive! There is no unit taking up space outside on the lawn, they are virtually as quiet as a church mouse and so much cheaper to run that you will save hundreds of dollars each and every year. The one constant, in most areas of the world, is that the depth at which temperatures remain constant is about ten feet. Keep your home heated and cooled at that constant temperature year round and at prices far less than you are now spending.

It’s amazing just how far technology has brought us and if you want a cost-effective home, one that might even offset the cost of building it, you will investigate all the technology at your disposal so that your architect can work it into his or her plans. You might spend a bit more now by taking up extra time of the architect, but the ongoing savings you will realize are well worth that extra initial investment.


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