Modularity Flexibility and Strong Circulation Connections: Gazi Anadolu High School

Project: Gazi Anadolu High School
Architects: Aura Design Studio
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Year: 2021
Photographs by: Courtesy of Aura Design Studio

Gazi Anadolu High School by Aura Design Studio

Being one of the rooted high schools of Turkey, Gazi Anatolian High School was reconstructed by TOBB in Beytepe, Ankara on a 21.038 sqm area, designed by Aura Design Studio. The project was completed in 2018 and the building construction was completed in 2021. Existing building programme is examined and reconsidered in terms of function relations and problems . The high school takes its main entrance from the Hitit Boulevard.

Modularity, flexibility and strong circulation connections formed the main idea. Structure has also been completely solved modularly with its layout, façade character and details. Moreover, human circulation and transportation were prioritized in the design.

While the ceremony area and the courtyard are surrounded by the arcade; The conference hall, gymnasium, cafeteria, canteen and school entrance area are connected to each other by the arcade structure, providing a balance of indoor, semi-open space and open space.

Facade design, interior design, corridors, classrooms, conference hall and sports hall details are handled with modular structural systems. The 4 m grids are expressed with columns and beams indoors, and it is aimed to express the rhythm of the building. The same rhythm is evident on the façades, with biscuit bricks, glass and sheathing surfaces. The arcade consists of exposed brutal concrete columns and the rest of the building was designed as reinforced concrete, while the sports hall and conference hall were solved with a steel roof system. Same color palette of the facade is repeated in the interior architecture, with red brick, white plaster and ceilings, red classroom doors and exposed concrete ceilings. In the conference hall, the blue color in the logo of Gazi Anadolu High School was used in the color transition seat arrangement.

The building consists of two branches and a main body that surrounds the courtyard in the middle. All parts of the building have entrances from the courtyard. The entrance that meets the Hitit Boulevard opens to the main body of the building. An open parking lot has been arranged for the administration and guests on the north-east façade. While there is a gym and a multi-purpose hall in the angled wing of the building, there are classrooms and training areas in the main body and vertical wing.

The conference hall pedestrian crossing area has a unique space design with a mesh railing system. The glass skylight in the conference hall foyer provides natural light to the foyer and gym entrance at the same time.

Gazi Anadolu High School has developed solutions to the problems in the existing building with its spatial relations, materials it used, and the environment with courtyard design. It creates, and offers a functional and rich new space experience to the users of the building.

-Project description and images provided by Aura Design Studio


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