MINING Club by Cun FF in Kunming, China

Project: MINING Club
Architects: Cun FF
Location: Tongde Plaza, Yuehui Fang, Kunming, China
Area: 6,243 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Naxim (INSPACE)

MINING Club by Cun FF

Eight hours for work, eight hours for life, and eight hours for sleep, we divide time and stuff it in a standard timetable. We pursue order, efficiency, and rationality and precisely control over time and emotions with no mistakes allowed.

The attention to order, efficiency, and rationality has enabled the rapid development of the capitalist economy, but at the same time, “efficiency first” has caused the dilemma of life and work.

How to be free from all kinds of dilemmas? In Charles Taylor’s The Malaise of Modernity, he mentioned self-determining freedom, that is, a decision is made by oneself, not determined by social influences. Go to choose and decide, to explore the self, discover new ways of life, and seek extraordinary experiences.

MINING is a bar hidden in the bustling business district. Fang Fei, the designer of CUN FF, was invited to undertake the space design. The primary consideration lies in how to create an attractive and recognizable project, and how to realize a free, fresh, and flowing space.

Sound, light, and color

Sound, light, and color are the three important elements in interior design. In the bar, starting from the first cocktail of a guest, the vibrations of the sound waves are transformed into waves of light and color that never stop.

The LED light strip in the bar area adopts dynamic digital content to quickly enhance the space ambient and entertainment fun. The decorative metal frame is illuminated by neon lights with a future mechanical beauty. Part of the main body of the bar is made of glass bricks, which balances the beauty between lightness and heaviness, and absorbs neon light.

At the end of the interactive passage entered from the side of the bar, the laser device emits a red beam to outline the space and projects corresponding information on the ground. At the same time, the light beam from top to bottom creates more interactive forms between guests and space.

The bounded and unbounded

Β The sitting area has less clear spatial boundaries, and the three walls have different expressions. One is the whole multimedia LED display screen wall; another is a concise movable and foldable rectangular block covered with metal materials and a pressure door, and the third is a rough original stone wall, presenting a unique contrast between brightness and darkness, openness and closure, continuity and discontinuity.

The foldable wall offers more possibilities in space. On the other side of the wall is the dance floor surrounded by the booth area, where a large open atmosphere is formed through the continuous and unified LED wall. In the middle of the space is the DJ booth, and the circular LED light strip highlights the visual focus of the space.

Under the influence of color, material, and light, MINING presents a mysterious and dreamlike scene. When the night is approaching, people unload the burden of work to start self-exploration and release suppressed emotions and energy. This is MINING, a happy place to relax.

A designer should not only visualize the brand concept into space design but also assist to establish a commercial voice for the brand. Making the space popular with commercial value is the starting point and foothold of commercial space design.

-Project description provided by ZZ Media


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