Minimalist/Modern Home Designed By Kroos Architecture

The Challenge:
A client consisting of a pair of professionals and their young daughter presented to us with a vision for their home that had been inspired from the viewing of the television program Grand Designs. The client envisioned a new communal area for their home that would be achieved by combing the existing dining room area with a new open plan kitchen and raised deck to the garden.

It was thought that this would be best achieved by the addition and construction of an L-shaped extension to their Victorian era home.

Special Additions:

  • Exposed brickwork which faced internally
  • Exposed steel beams to create an ‘industrial’ feel as per requested by the client
  • A bespoke glass roof
  • An open-plan Proline kitchen with custom shelving as designed by Kroos Architecture in consultation with the client

The Solution:

The client presented to us with a very determined and specific vision with what they hoped to achieve from the renovation, and we ourselves were quite determined to producing a complete and satisfactory outcome for them. Consultation would be key and it was through extensive discussions and with the assistance of concept drawings, models and virtual visual walkthroughs that we would be able to achieve and produce the clients vision for their home.

An overall desire for more natural light throughout the home was identified as a key component to the project, along with a minimal yet modern design aesthetic that would be complimented with elements of an industrial feel. We were able to gain some direction through the viewing of the client’s favourite project completion from the before mentioned Grand Designs television program.

Planning and permission applications were to be sought and it was as this stage that Kroos Architecture was made aware of objections to the project that were being made by the neighbour who was residing next door to the property. The neighbour was very concerned about the inconvenience that might be caused by the construction and the outcome of the project, along with the suggestion that we replace an existing shared wall between the properties with a new extension wall.

To overcome these objections we adopted a diplomatic tone to ensure that our client’s would be able to implement and achieve their desired designs and renovations, whilst also keeping good relations with their next door neighbour which would be vital both now and into the future. The lowering of the height of the new extension wall was a helpful compromise during this process which also set the project on to the path of completion to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

The Result:

A newly designed and implemented minimalist/modern space was created for the clients to enjoy and spend their time residing within. Extra natural light would now pour into space thanks to the new bespoke roof that was installed, and the known benefits of open plan living were now also available courtesy of the stepped down dining area, Proline open plan kitchen and raised area to the existing garden.

The objections from the next door neighbour were overcome with the use of a diplomatic tone and manner, with the unexpected result of the neighbour making enquiries of their own to Kroos Architecture regarding how they could incorporate similar designs to those of our client into their very own home.













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