MFG House by ARCHI7 in Grimisuat, Switzerland

Project: MFG House
Architects: ARCHI7
Location: Grimisuat, Switzerland
Photographs by: Thomas Jantscher

MFG House by ARCHI7 in Grimisuat, Switzerland

Located in Grimisuat, Switzerland, the MFG House is a peaceful and humble getaway chalet, surrounded by pure nature. The colored concrete design belongs to ARCHI7 who have made sure that the house will provide large views of its surroundings by placing it on the sunny side of the Rhône Valley, on a lot that is inclined to the south west.
The design plays with the landscape where the natural inclination is preserved through careful and strategic landscaping done with an external terrace. The windows, which are sculpted, provide various vantage points that allow the residents to view the natural surroundings.

From the architects: “Well placed on the sunny side of the rhône valley, the place offers large views. The inclined lot is open to south west. The project play with topography allowing the best relation with landscape. The natural inclination of the ground is preserved allowing tricky landscaping with an outside terrasse.
The colored concrete house looks like a rock. The front facade south and north are narrow while the side facade west and ost are much imposant. Windows are sculptured in the concrete mass. The main facade south is totally glazed. the livingroom has his “exceptional” window offering the best view.
The 3 floors of the house are connected by a generous stair with zenithal window. The plan of the living spaces is organised on the first floor arround a nucleus. The south terrace is open to a huge view on the alps and on the valley. It has been placed as an outiside extention of the livingroom. the bedrooms has each a different orientation.
Roofs and walls are white painted while floors are oak. The house is minergie with a mechanical ventilation and an appropriate insulation of the facade.”


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