Mesmerizing Living Room Design Ideas for High Quality Lifestyle

If you want to enter a new spirit in the living room without major intervention, here are some quick tips on ways that you can enter a new and refreshed ambience to defeat monotony. One of them is if you paint the frames of the pictures in color that is mat or contrasted with the image. The effect is even stronger if the colored is with high-gloss, which will inject a dose of dramatic interior.

You will get a new look of your living room, if you enter new details such as the bright neutral cushions, or the dazzling gray, dark blue or black. Set the sofa to the place where you will have a good overview of the rest of the room. Your TV should be placed to allow smooth watching from all over the living room. With the proper application of the colors, the space can be optically expand, or continued. Using a variety of details such as curtains, paintings, sculptures and other objects, the atmosphere in the living room will be complement and stay in it will be even more pleasant for you and your guests.


Image via Lisa Petrole Photography


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Image via Brandon Barré


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