Marindia House by MASA Arquitectos in Uruguay

Project: Marindia House
Architects: MASA Arquitectos
Location: Marindia, Uruguay
Area: 968 sf
Photographs by: Federico Cairoli

Marindia House by MASA Arquitectos

The Marindia House is an elegant contemporary home nestled on a forested patch of land in the area of Marindia in Uruguay. Designed by MASA Arquitectosthis single story offers 968 square feet of living spaces with a minimalist design that is strongly connected to the outdoors and can open up to some pretty spectacular views.

Montevideo’s east urbanization has been spreading from Ciudad de la Costa up to the Canelones’ seashore, converting summer resorts into residential areas.

Such places have been gradually changing its landscape, into a crossover between the city and its coast, the urban and suburban. To consider a house in this environment implies working in this duality between permanent and temporary inhabiting. This duality intensifies when considering that the soil –the foundations- is located in one of the least residential areas of the summer resort. A wild piece of land on a recently urbanized area.


Despite its known antagonism, nature and artifice are complementary words. They are defined by its contrasts and they reinforce each other in its mutual presence. The natural landscape emerges in contrast with the geometry of the construction, and the house seems more cozy and protective within a rough environment. Such concept allows solving this dichotomy, merging both, blurring its edges.

The facade behaves as a screen, a veil, which can be widely opened, inviting outside nature into the artificial interior.


Air conditioning systems, power lines, domotics…the contemporary life demands more and more availability of technological devices that provide comfort for its customers. From the conceptual framework this house is conceived to unfold the boundaries of such duality. A rudimentary exterior shell, made from primitive elements with a few aesthetic additions, is defined to contrast its interior technological sophistication.

MASA Arquitectos


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