Maçkolik YouTube Studio by BAB Architects in Istanbul, Turkiye

Project: Maçkolik YouTube Studio
Architects: BAB Architects
Location: Istanbul, Turkiye
Year: 2023
Photographs by: Egemen Karakaya

Maçkolik YouTube Studio by BAB Architects

BAB Architects bring a breath of fresh air to sports media with its modern YouTube studio designed for Maçkolik, Turkey’s leading sports news and live score tracking platform.

BAB Architects, led by Architect İrem Arıbaş and Interior Architect Hüseyin Beş, who have realized architectural, interior design and broadcast design (set design) projects in Turkey and different geographies of the world, offers a unique experience by combining sports broadcasting with a physical studio environment with the YouTube studio specially designed for the Maçkolik application, which is familiar to sports fans on mobile devices.

Interpreting the process of creating a meaningful composition in small-scale projects as an exciting “challenge”, the architects of BAB Architects positioned the Maçkolik YouTube Studio, which has a limited space, on the lower floor of the institution’s own workspace, in a corner of 4.50 x 3.30 meters. The studio, which aims to create as deep a sense of space as possible in small square meters, draws attention with the choice of black epoxy on the floor and the custom-made round light truss used on the ceiling. This design approach aims to emphasize the perception of the studio by overcoming the limited ceiling height in the space. BAB Architects has consciously made the use of light and camera, elements that are usually hidden in the camera angles of studios, visible in this project. This approach has helped to create a more professional and thoughtful studio effect in a limited space.

With its modern design and technological features, Maçkolik YouTube Studio not only contributes to the content production process, but also emphasizes the company’s unique and contemporary identity. Brick walls were preferred to reflect the strong and deep-rooted corporate stance of Maçkolik, one of the oldest sports broadcasting platforms in Turkey. The colors used on the studio walls in a palette in line with the corporate identity and the carefully selected furniture not only create a warm and friendly atmosphere, but also emphasize Maçkolik’s dynamic broadcasting line. The colors of the walls, which are illuminated with RGB LEDs in harmony with the corporate colors, can be changed with the light table. This feature allows different programs to be recorded in the same studio, increasing content diversity and dynamism.

While the seating arrangement adds warmth to friendly conversations, the bar stool and table arrangement provides a more dynamic and energetic atmosphere. Offering five different shooting options, Maçkolik YouTube Studio’s color, material and angle variables easily adapt to the changing design needs of different programs. While the round table among the moving decor elements meets 1+1 setups, the modular L table is designed with 1+1 and 1+2 setups in mind. The use of color-changing surfaces in the design of all the tables in the Maçkolik YouTube Studio allows for easily changing color palettes in different programs.

-Project description and images provided by pRchitect


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