Luz by iHouse in Carrasco, Uruguay

Project: Luz
Architects: iHouse
Location: Carrasco, Montevideo, Uruguay
Area: 4,154 sf
Year: 2022
Photographs by: Aldo Lanzi

Luz by iHouse

This project came as a special commission to our studio from clients who presented us with the challenge of renovating a traditional property located in the historic Carrasco neighborhood in Montevideo, transforming it into a permanent residence for their family. Despite our focus on prefabricated modular construction for homes and buildings, we are always open to new challenges. That’s why this proposal, which deviated from the ordinary, captivated us with the rigorous task of once again engaging with a realm we were familiar with but hadn’t worked on in a while: traditional on-site construction.

The requirements were clear: develop a single-level residence with four bedrooms, an office, a gym, and a playroom. In addition to housing the bedroom area in a wing that could function independently from the social area, the design needed to prioritize maintaining the utmost privacy from the exterior, all while not sacrificing glassed areas. Comprehensive home security was also considered in the design process.

With these premises in mind, the foundation of the design was laid, aiming to reinvent the prevailing modern estate in the garden-like neighborhood it resides in. The plot spans 1036m² with its frontal façade facing north and is surrounded by existing structures of diverse architectural styles.

The residence makes the most of the land, composed of two strips that dictate the degree of privacy. The first extends along the length of the property towards the western boundary, housing all the private areas such as the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Meanwhile, the other strip connects the social areas, also serving as the entrance. A series of patios and skylights illuminate the expansive social space with natural light while forging a strong connection with the outdoors and nature. At the rear, a spacious glassed-in barbecue area accommodates the gym and playroom, in addition to functioning as a support for outdoor activities.

Formally, the dwelling comprises two reinforced concrete slabs enclosing a permeable layer in between, with perforations varying in size based on the function behind them. This gradation of privacy eliminates the need for other means. Sturdy and noble materials give the residence a robust and secure appearance, while minimizing the need for exterior maintenance.

Inside, a minimalist design transforms this 250mΒ² house into a welcoming home. Polished monolithic floors pay homage to the classic estates in the neighborhood, while the woodwork and furniture in shades of gray and white modernize the interior, creating a blend of classic and contemporary. History coexists in perfect harmony with the fast pace of modernity, resulting in a spacious yet cozy dwelling.

-Project description and images provided by iHouse



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