Luxurious Houses With Stunning Architecture And Interior Design

If you made some plans about becoming a millionaire in the near future you have to know that when you will be you will want to own a house with stunning architecture and incredible interior design. The vanity that’s screaming withing you will want to have luxury written all over it so it will probably look like the luxurious architectural designs that are in this article. There are 73 pictures showcasing only a few houses, cause this isn’t a real estate site. Among the houses or, better called mansions, I added a hotel, an exception that earned its place in this selection.

Armada House by Keith Baker

Black Beauty Tierra Villa

Casa Big Sur

Casas del Sol

Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann

House by Charupan Wiriyawiwatt

House by Stefan Antoni Architects

House in Aspen by Lipkin Warner

House in California

House in Costa Brava

House in Hollywood Hills

House in Malibu

House in PGA Catalunya by Francisco y Damian RIBAS

Kamala Headland Villa

L’AND project

Laranjeiras Residence by Fernanda Marques

The Viceroy Hotel

AE House by twentyfourseven

Villa in Camps Bay


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