Louvers House by MIA Design Studio in Thao Dien, Vietnam

Project: Louvers House
Architects: MIA Design Studio
Location: Thao Dien, Vietnam
Photographs by: Hiroyuki Oki

Louvers House by MIA Design Studio

The Louvers House is a stunning contemporary home located in Thao Dien, Vietnam. Its luxurious design was created by MIA Design Studioa studio you might recognize from the Drawers House project in Vung Tau, Vietnam. This beautiful home is more than just a residence. It is a statement that combines modern and traditional Vietnamese family living.

From MIA Design Studio’s perspective, Louvers house is not only a living shelter but also reflects our client’s living style. Our client wanted to make a great combination of spaces to keep traditional communication between generations of a traditional Vietnamese family. That is how we simply started designing a house with a big void in the middle as a bridge to connect all the spirits of the house. This void with water scape and skylight creates a natural connection between bedrooms, living room, Spa, Gym and even the parking area. This principle has an ingenious use of natural ventilation to keep the building cool and give the family refreshing experience. With local plants and overflow water, the void inside this house becomes a healing environment as the living soul of the house.

This house faces the sun rise with the fact that daylight would be soft and straight in the early morning but would be so harsh and aggressive in the middle of the day. To solve this problem, we have created the big canopy to reduce the heat from harsh sunlight at the high angle and the vertical louvers to let the early sunlight get inside the house and freshen the morning breeze with shadows and morning sunlight. Pattern of shadows is one of the natural advantages that we want to imply into the design to accept the rule of nature and play with it.

Moreover, taking advantage of the park in front of this property and surrounding landscape, we raised the living floor to create better accessibility to the parking area and explode the boundary to the landscape with private view from upper level. With this raised level, we designed a transition stair way to access the upper level with landscape and water flow for friendly welcome ambience and stress relieving from daily life. Designing a house with private but open view has created a comfortable living area where the family can enjoy a luxurious wellness in privacy.

Our design does not only reflect the culture of a modern Vietnamese family but also adapt the tropical weather to protect the subject from the disadvantages of the climatic weather. Our philosophy is not only creating forms and spaces but also connecting human living style with nature.

MIA Design Studio


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