Lounge Y by Nommo Arquitetos in Florianopolis, Brazil

Project: Lounge Y
Architects: Nommo Arquitetos
Location: Florianopolis, Brazil
Area: 1,463 sf
Photographs by: Paula Morais

Lounge Y by Nommo Arquitetos

Nommo Arquitetos have designed the Lounge Y project in the middle of a beautiful landscape in the northern part of the Florianopolis Island in Brazil. This luxurious dwelling is built with exposed concrete which contrasts its lush surroundings and with just under 1,500 square feet of interior spaces, it is quite strongly connected to the environment.

The construction site is a shared area of three houses, belonging to the same family, in a gated community located in the north of Florianópolis island. On that same space there was an old covered yet open-sided barbecue place. The family grew and so the need for a more comfortable lounge area was required.

The project is divided in two volumes: a social block (concrete paving stone) and a support area (white masonry block)

In the social block were used materials with more rustic finishing, such as reinforced concrete with slatted finishing, wood lining demolition and wooden frames, emphasising the simplicity of use: barbecues, parties, children running, in short, family reunion gatherings.

The site’s topography was adjusted by smoothing the slope towards the back woods, creating a plateau that levels the garden and the building, enlarging and integrating the internal and external spaces.

The woods form a natural background for those who arrive at the house, but it becomes the main protagonist once the user enters the space. To achieve this change in character, a south facing, 14 meters beam blocks the view of those who enter, while the north facing beam is inverted and is transformed into a bench, thus freeing the view of the woods.

The lateral openings, define access and frame the view.

Inside the social block, the space is divided into living, kitchen and dining. The kitchen consists of a custom built pizza oven, a grill and a large wooden bench, which encases the refrigerator, the oven and the stove. The roof is composed of a waterproofed slab, styrofoam and an inner lining of demolition wood, sustained by steel beams.

The supported block, which runs along the plot’s limits, houses the toilets, water tanks, and a storage space.

Nommo Arquitetos


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