Lot 31 House by ADOFF – Arquitetos in Mirandela, Portugal

Project: Lot 31 House
Architects: ADOFF – Arquitetos
Location: Mirandela, Portugal
Photographs by: Ricardo Loureiro

Lot 31 House by ADOFF – Arquitetos

ADOFF – Arquitetos have designed the Lot 31 House on a square lot in Mirandela, Portugal. This crisp white home offers a contemporary lifestyle with a minimalist interior layout. The home opens up to beautiful, distant views so it features plenty of windows that also ensure the interior gets its share of sunlight.

Located in a context of urban expansion of a residential area of Mirandela, this lot had a well-defined set of rules in relation to implementation, volume and clearances. Therefore, the design quickly developed into a compact, linear volume organized on a square base plan of 11×11, where two floors were designed.

The study of the voids was a guiding theme in the architectural design, the setback of a glass plane on the facade sets a new vertical profile in the design of the elevations, this depth gain inside results in space for cabinets and technical areas, outside there are small balconies, permanent shading is also crucial, the control of natural light / temperature and establishing more privacy in the visual relationships between exterior and interior.

On the ground floor are the daytime spaces directly related with the outside, the transitional space between the living room and the kitchen develops with a double height, which amplifies the entry of natural light through an elevated void, and provides a communication link between the two floors.

The first floor houses the more private program with three bedrooms, a single flight of stairs between the two floors and access to the roof are defined by a slate stone wall (local stone), which introduces a natural environment due to its texture and color, this wall connects to the ground floor and the roof, which ends in a small volume clad in metal sheet.

The uniformity of the white inside is contradicted by the dark wood floor, which gives greater comfort and a balanced brightness. Outside, the material singularity given by continuous insulation, is finished with a thin white mortar, reinforcing the idea of a dug monolith in contrast to the bright colors of the greens and browns of the surroundings.

ADOFF – Arquitetos


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