Loft Lo Curro by Matias Silva Aldunate Architect in Santiago, Chile

Project: Loft Lo Curro
Architects: Matias Silva Aldunate Architect
Location: Santiago, Chile
Area: 1,506 sf
Photographs by: Courtesy of Matias Silva Aldunate Architect

Loft Lo Curro by Matias Silva Aldunate Architect

Matias Silva Aldunate Architect is a studio from Chile who have completed an outstanding studio-workshop type of home for a Greek philanthropist. The Loft Lo Curro is a 1,506 square foot home in Santiago, Chile, situated among a dense forest. Its strategic natural location allows isolation from the urban environment and a lot of refreshing sights all around.

The idea was to develop a workshop-studio that houses the arts and the entertainment of a Greek philanthropist. This is a different project that stimulates the senses and becomes a place that allows people feel disconnected and isolated from the urban environment. The land on which the loft is located is a large hill with big trees and abundant vegetation, where you can find spectacular views of the city. In order to maintain its status as a Park, we chose to work with the outdoor landscape by appropriating the vegetation of the neighbors since there are no fences.

We decided to make two separate locations that are located at each end of the ground and which are related by different internal routes, which were carefully designed.

Location 1: Workshop room, kitchen-dining room, Desk-Bedroom, and Bath-Sauna. The internal organization of the loft was based on a concrete floor plan. From the inside you can see the city through a vegetal portico of double height.

Location 2: Barbecue area, pool, bathroom and cellar. This place generates a transversal section in the natural terrain and organizes the loft in a linear way.

Both locations are related through different paths creating rest and contemplation areas.

The materials chosen are mainly striated concrete blocks and metal structures lined in rusted steel. These materials simultaneously become supports for climbing plants that will eventually convert large concrete walls into plant (green) walls. To enhance the vegetation we took advantage of the slope in order to conduct the waters and water the vegetation in a natural way. Also, the loft is integrated into a landscape of lush trees.

Matias Silva Aldunate Architect


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