Locks Provide Protection from Various Dangers

Door locks are fairly complicated devices, but they’re also very important. When your locks aren’t protecting you the way they should, it’s time to call a Locksmith Harrison, NJ. At our local locksmith, Quick Keys Locksmith – Harrison, NJ, we have a residential locksmith or a commercial locksmith available to install, repair, or replace locks on a 24/7 basis.

Radio Dispatched Locksmith for Locksmith Needs

Locks break and so do the keys that open those locks. How can you proceed with the day when the key breaks? The older the key, the more likely it is to break off in a lock or in another location.  If your keys become weak, if they’re jabbed too hard, forcefully entered into a lock, or damaged in other ways, they may no longer work. A locksmith will remove broken keys and make new keys.

Why Add Deadbolts to Your Doors?

Deadbolts are the perfect lock addition for your home. They’re installed along with a regular lock and key set. This lock is locked on the inside and cannot be unlocked with a key. Homeowners that use this lock have more security and peace of mind than homeowners without it in place. Even if the regular lock is broken, the deadbolt stands strong and doesn’t allow an intruder to gain entry. A Locksmith Harrison, NJ from our shop will also install other types of locks on your home doors and can even provide peephole installation if you’d like.

Lockout Services Offered Around the Clock

A building lockout occurs more frequently than many people realize. A lockout happens when the keys are locked inside of the building (or car) or when the keys are lost, stolen, or otherwise unavailable and the doors are locked! When it occurs at a business, it can cost the owner a lot of money because it interferes with normal operations. It’s frustrating when it happens at home because it’s usually when you’re in a hurry. A vehicle lockout is likely to occur in the middle of the night at the worst of times. With our locksmith number in your phone, that’s not a problem as one of our pros is always available to get you back inside in a hurry. And, they’ll have the right tools and equipment to get you inside without damaging the doors.

Locksmiths Repair Residential Door Locks

Doors and door locks on homes are broken and damaged due to a variety of causes. Sometimes weather damages the locks, while other times it is wear and tear that causes trouble. Sometimes, lock damage is the result of the lock being frozen, a chip that is malfunctioning, or even a lock that has seized up. A Locksmith Harrison, NJ from our team is here to repair the lock regardless of the problem. If you prefer, a replacement can be made instead. Since a locksmith arrives at the job in a fully loaded van it is always up to you to decide the course of action to take to resolve the trouble.

Local Locksmith Has Broken Commercial Business Lock Solutions

Not only can a business owner endure trouble with the locks on their doors, but also with their safes, too. Most locksmiths can get safes unlocked while they also repair or replace locks at the business. High security locks are used by many businesses in the area these days. They are durable and strong and since they don’t depend on a key, are nearly impossible for an intruder to break through. This is the ultimate form of protection for your business, regardless of size.

The Locksmith Harrison, NJ Answers: Why Did My Car Key Break?

If you find yourself in need of broken key extraction you likely wonder why your key broke off in the ignition or door. Keys break when they become weak and you need an automotive locksmith to help. After hundreds to thousands of pushes into a tiny hole, the metal weakens and the wrong push at the wrong time breaks the key.  A Locksmith Harrison, NJ can safely remove the broken key without damaging the ignition or other areas of the car and, if need be, can also make new ignition switch keys.

Call the Trusted Key Maker

Locks are life at Quick Keys Locksmith – Harrison, NJ. We’re at your call when quality lock repair or installation is needed at your home, office, or in the car. Call us for fast, efficient, 20-minute service and the best new locks installation available in town. We’ll take care of your needs even when you need an emergency locksmith in the middle of the night.


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