Little House by TANK Archictects in Arras, France

Project: Little House
Architects: TANK Architects
Location: Arras, France
Area: 1,184 sq ft
Photographs by: Julien Lanoo

Little House by TANK Architects

TANK Architects have designed the Little House in  Arras, France. The home is placed on a fairly large site, except that the site is quite elongated which dictated the shape of the home and gave it an alternative name – the Lengthy house.

The design of the Little House had a clear input of the owners who wanted to be able to enjoy vast open spaces.
To satisfy their wishes, the architects designed the home along the shape of the plot, resulting in a narrow house with a rectilinear form. The interior and its various features have been arranged in a sequential manner, encased by glass which harvests natural light for the interior as well as it makes it seem bigger. The house has been designed in a way to maximize the volume of openness around the site.

The house, located in a residential area on the outskirts of Arras, is implanted along its northern adjoining limit, and slips delicately alongside a beautiful existing tree. It offers the entire length of its southern side in the light and garden view.

The design of the house includes from the early studies, a thorough examination of constructive economy, to match with the couple’s tight budget, architectural desires and quality of space. The living space is simply organized around the typology of the house in a row, all parts of the house are completely open to the garden.

The wood frame, both structure and façade, gives rhythm to the frontage and accompanies the outdoor gangway covered with sun protection cap.A terrace built on stilts at the edge of the house, is a continuation of the living space. The slope of the plot d is used to raise the house of 80cm, and offer views towards the garden.



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