Little House by MW Works Architecture + Design in Seabeck, Washington

Project: Little House
Architects: MW Works Architecture + Design
Location: Seabeck, Washington, USA
Area: 1,140 sq ft
Photographs by: Andrew Pogue

Little House by MW Works Architecture + Design

The Little House is a fantastic compact residence nestled into a prolific forest overlooking Hood Canal in Seabeck, Washington. It was designed by Seattle-based studio MW Works Architecture + Design on a repurposed foundation that is just over 20 square feet.
The focus of the design of the Little House was squarely on the landscape that surrounds the 1,140 square feet of living spaces.  The residence has a very small footprint on the environment but its inhabitants can enjoy the breathtaking views of the nature around it.

The Little House is nestled into a lush second growth forest on a north facing bluff overlooking Hood Canal. Built over an existing foundation, the new building is just over 400 square feet. Early design discussions focused on creating a compact, modern structure that was both simple and efficient.
Visitors approach the site from the south, a thin canopy marks the entry and frames views of the canal below. The more transparent north and west elevations pull the landscape and distant view into the space.

Taut oxidized black cedar and blackened cement infill panels clad the exterior while lightly painted panels and soft pine plywood warm and brighten the interior. On a sunny western corner of the house a large patio reaches out into the landscape and serves as a jumping off point to the trail system wandering down to the water’s edge.
The resulting project hopes to capture the essence of the modern cabin – small in size but much larger than its boundaries.

MW Works Architecture + Design


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