The Largest Simulator Training Center of Europe and Middle East

Flight Training Center, designed by TAGO Architects for Turkish Airlines, features 18 simulation devices in an indoor area of approximately 30,000 m2. When it is completed, the facility will be the largest flight training center in Europe and Middle East, and one of the largest flight training centers standing on a single structure in the world.

Operating under the leadership of Architect Gökhan Aktan Altuğ and producing projects for Europe, Central Asia and Far East in Tokyo, Bucharest, Kiev and Dubai offices along with the İstanbul central office, Tago Architects has designed the new simulation center for Turkish Airlines, a center which will be featuring 18 simulation devices. The complex will also be an important educational tourism center in the area in the sense that it includes a great variety of flight training departments such as air hostess, cabin and flight training centers.

Blending techniques with aesthetics and creating a structural design for Turkish Airlines Flight Training Center that can be enlarged in the course of time depending on the needs, TAGO Architects has hidden the hangar sections and support units with a more technical function at the rear front of the building while locating the training areas and lounge at the frontage. The design has achieved its most prominent feature, namely its evocation of flight, by means of dynamic forms used in the facade, perforated materials resembling the wings of an aircraft and the amorphous structure enfolding the entire form in a bottom-up design. Whilst reflecting the Turkish Airlines’ corporate identity with the facade material and colors in the transparent training units it designed, TAGO Architects has also allowed the building to be perceived as a dynamic structure in motion rather than a fixed one and to reflect the concept of speed, by means of the horizontal effect it has achieved in the design. Therefore, it has successfully designed a training center reflecting the characteristics of the corporation.

The construction with its carrier system of concrete-steel carcass has been furnished with the latest technology in the electromechanical sense, besides having a functional and impressive design in the visual and architectural sense. Solutions have been provided for needs such as fixed air-conditioning that are required by the special simulator devices featured by the construction, by the integration of the same into the project. 

In the building which it has designed in such a way not blocking the view of the residential zone in which it is located, TAGO Architects has achieved a height which will meet all technical needs. In this sense, it has turned the seemingly disadvantageous conditions of the land into an advantage by creating an ergonomic design.

It is predicted that Turkish Airlines Flight Training Center building will also contribute to the economic development of the area by forming an inter section to the residential district, due to its location neighboring an old residential district in Yeşilköy as well as to the airport. It is aimed that the training center the construction of which has begun across the Turkish Airlines old simulation building in Florya district in İstanbul, will generate significant income by serving both the foreigners who come to buy this service and Turkish Airlines pilots and pilot candidates for many years.


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