Kruppa House by Capa Arquitectura in Vereda el Penasco, Colombia

Project: Kruppa House
Capa Arquitectura
Vereda el Penasco, Colombia
4.843 sf
Year: 2019
Photographs by:
Mateo Soto

Kruppa House by Capa Arquitectura

This house is a distinctive architectural creation with four staggered modules interconnected by garden tunnels. The design features angular openings and interior gardens, offering a unique play of light and shadows. The house combines black exteriors with light wood interiors, creating a striking contrast. It includes various elements like a bridge, a library, a ceramic workshop, and a Turkish room, making it an intriguing and asymmetrical space.

This is a house that unfolds to look at itself, it is staggered on a sloping topography through the four modules. They are apparently independent, joined by two garden tunnels that make this house a single unit.

With the rotation of these pieces, angular openings are created that allow the creation of interior gardens, each one maintaining the same proportions but inverted compared to the previous one, which allows us to generate a common principle between roofs, ridge levels, and lateral heights of the facades.

It is a black house on the outside and with light wood on the entire internal surface, seeking contrasts. It is a place of levels and double heights, a clear place full of openings with different shades of color, the light never enters in the same direction, allowing a play of light and shadows throughout its path. The glazed and rotated facades generate a transverse transparency throughout the house.

A bridge to access it, a metal walkway that supports a library above the social area, a ceramic workshop on the first level, a mesh over a double height, or a Turkish room are some of the elements and spaces that this home has.

It is a home that is discovered when walking through it, a place of asymmetrical perspectives and contrasts between its finishes.

Capa Arquitectura


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