JK House by Michel Macedo Arquitetos in Pato Branco, Brazil

Project: JK House
Michel Macedo Arquitetos
Pato Branco, Brazil
4,068 sf
Photographs by: Eduardo Macarios

JK House by Michel Macedo Arquitetos

The JK House is a stunning residence designed by Michel Macedo Arquitetos, located in Pato Branco, Brazil. This project is a stunning example of how architecture can seamlessly merge with nature to create a harmonious living space that is both functional and visually appealing.

The design of the house is a perfect blend of modern and traditional techniques, with the raised ground floor made of stone that blends seamlessly into the valley landscape of ParanΓ‘ state. The use of prestressed concrete technology is a key feature of the design, with two large slabs and cantilevers that provide ample shade and open up the space to the natural surroundings.

Composed of two fundamental aspects: structural design and nature, this house merges building elements into a beautiful valley landscape in ParanΓ‘ state in Brazil, interrelating the geographical aspect and the local topography. Implemented as a stone inserted into the landscape, the raised ground floor on a single plateau is bounded by a concrete wall at a more private level relative to the street, adding the pool at its edge minimizing landfill impact.

The design of the structure that rests on this stone is positioned in a way so that the premise of the proposal could it be revealed in the access as a sculptural piece that unites structure and architecture, keeping the natural concrete with strong appeal to the local techniques. The prestressed concrete technology available on the market with the avant-garde desired results in the overlapping of two large slabs with cantilevers that explore the technique and project onto the ground large shaded areas. In addition, the spatiality is delimited by the position of the complementary structural elements: two columns walls parallel to the facade are the lateral closures that guide the views to the exterior landscape.

Two floors organize the project. At the ground level, the living spaces are integrated into a large wooden deck by the pool, flexibly providing an appropriation of use, and at the upper level are accommodated the intimate spaces, with rooms facing the east where the sun rises and the valley is shown. This project suggests an exercise of reflection to the residents, understanding their place, in fact, the natural and built place, the techniques used, the materials available and their existence in this scenario.

Michel Macedo Arquitetos


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