JJ&S.M House by Atelier Mima in Nivillac, France

Project: JJ&S.M House
Architects: Atelier Mima
Location: Nivillac, France
Area: 968 sq ft
Photographs by: Courtesy of Atelier Mima

JJ&S.M House by Atelier Mima

The JJ&S.M House is a secluded modern dwelling designed by the Nantes-based studio Atelier Mima
They have managed to design this home in a way that it blends into the sloping terrain of Nivillac, France. It’s low profile is mostly responsible for that.

Clad with vertically-aligned timber panels, the facade camouflages the house among the forest with its repeated pattern that seems to echo the pattern of the surrounding trees.
Even though the interior areas are able to harvest as much sunlight as possible, the windows have been carefully positioned in order to ensure privacy. Take a peek!

A house in the landscape of the Vilaine valley to rest of city life: Given the quality of this environment, we choose to use simplicity. From the outside, it is a straightforward and unobtrusive relationship with the landscape, a mass of wood blending with the surrounding tones. From the inside, it’s a preciousness assemblies, plans, framing and noble materials decomposing the space to create a prism compared to the multiple and surprising environment.

The house alights at break of slope, in articulation of the landscape, as inhabited gazebo. The plan offers various design possibilities around an intimate upper level and a bottom living space linked to a large balcony terrace.

Two bedrooms, dedicated to two couples, are linked to a central bathroom with wide doors with brick partition. This can be likened to one or other of the chambers when the two pairs are not present simultaneously. The floor of the upper level extends to the kitchen worktop. A third door with brick partition is placed here to help in day to open the perspective on the entire depth of the house, featuring the series of spaces.

A bookcase / stairs / kitchen articulates the two levels, and allows optimizing the feeling of space by integrating these functions in a single place. A long thin room expands to West pinion, deconstructed in its angles to watch, the Vilaine that wraps around the field: south through a long bay of 10 m, and north through a panoramic piercing sitting on a wooden bench and concrete, both storage and wood stove support.

Atelier Mima


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