Itauba House by Rocco Arquitetos in Ibiuna, Brazil

Project: Itauba House
Rocco Arquitetos
Ibiuna, Brazil
Area: 3,799 sf
Year: 2019
Photographs by:
Manuel SΓ‘

Itauba House by Rocco Arquitetos

Introducing the Itauba House, a beautiful country residence designed by Rocco Arquitetos located in Ibiuna, Brazil. With an area of 3,799 square feet and completed in 2019, the main concept of the spatial organization of this house was to maximize the integration between the interior and exterior spaces, as well as between the social areas.

The house features a large continuous plan that includes the living and dining areas, kitchen, terrace, swimming pool, and garden, all seamlessly connected through sliding doors that open completely. A central circulation axis leads from the street to the main bedroom, which opens up to the forest located at the end of the plot.

The main concept of spatial organization of this country house was the maximum integration between interior and exterior and also between the social areas. As a result, in a large continuous plan are: the living and dining areas, kitchen, terrace, swimming pool and the garden. The sliding doors in the main room open completely and are essential to allow this integration.

The project is organized along a central circulation axis that goes from the street to the main bedroom of the residence that opens to the forest located at the end of the plot.

Although the house has a concrete structure on the slab of the second floor, Itauba wood is the fundamental building element of the construction. It is present in the wooden decks, in the entire woodwork of the roofs, in the terrace structure and mainly in the central volume of the residence.

The solution of the “mono-pitched roof” defined a ceiling height of almost 4.5m at the maximum point of the room where large glass panels were installed to illuminate the interior of the house.

An element of strong visual impact is the exposed concrete cantilever beam that runs through the entire central volume of the house. The lack of this lateral support allowed the installation of the β€œcorner window” that completely opens the view for the garden. The masonry sofa placed there is one of the most special places in the house!

Rocco Arquitetos


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