Iron Maiden House by CplusC Architectural Workshop in Sydney, Australia

Project: Iron Maiden House
Architects: CplusC Architectural Workshop
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photographs by: Courtesy of CplusC

Iron Maiden House by CplusC Architectural Workshop

The Iron Maiden House is a modern home designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop in Sydney’s Longueville suburb. The site on which this two-story residence offers beautiful views of the Lane Cove River and the Sydney CBD to its five-member family. The exterior and interior design of the Iron Maiden House are simple and modern but they are anything but typical.

Iron Maiden House is located in the Sydney suburb of Longueville, a small residential area on the peninsula between Tambourine Bay and Woodford Bay.
The site is afforded views of the Lane Cove River and the Sydney CBD. Iron Maiden House was designed for a family of five, returning to Sydney from many years living in Hong Kong. Accustomed to the oceanic subtropical monsoon climate of Hong Kong, the clients were looking for a home that used passive design principles to heat and cool the building.
They weren’t afraid to challenge traditional notions of what a home should and shouldn’t be, requesting a generous connection to the outdoors to enjoy and entertain family and friends.

CplusC Architectural Workshop


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