How to Introduce Jewels into Your Home Design

Jewels come in an almost infinite variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, which makes them very versatile as decorative objects. They are a universal symbol of wealth, luxury, and fine and exquisite craftsmanship. They make a fine addition to any home design project and, while fine jewelry is probably too expensive for most of us, there are some really effective ways of utilizing lesser quality pieces and incorporating the shapes of gems and jewels into other home design projects.

Butterflies and Insects

Butterfly and other insect collections in display cases are fascinating objects. Although it is perhaps debatable whether they constitute a decoration, it is undeniable that the range of colors and textures on display effectively draw the viewer’s eye. The sight of deceased insects isn’t to everyone’s taste, however, and in many homes, it would look very out of place.

For something a little more user-friendly that could even be used in a child’s bedroom, consider looking for brooches, clips, and similar pieces of jewelry that resemble a butterfly viewed from above. It is easy to affix these to a backing and then place them in a nice-looking display frame that can emulate the look of a proper display case. The advantage of this approach, other than the lack of dead insects, is that much like butterflies, jewelry comes in endless varieties making it relatively easy to put together a striking and vibrant display.

Brighten Up Your Lampshades

This is really intended for paper lamp shades or at least ones that you don’t mind making holes in. Insert earrings and using clip on pieces around the edge. Flowers make particularly good decorations here and, if you get creative, you can create little scenes and patterns by using the full canvas of the lampshade.

Frame It

This is another good tip to allow you to repurpose any lower quality or imitation pieces you have. Some imitation diamond rings, necklaces, brooches, and other pieces look the part and can’t be identified as being of a lower quality without a more detailed inspection. They certainly still look good when displayed. Oftentimes, the clearest sign that a piece of jewelry is an imitation is that it soon discolors where it comes in to contact with the wearer’s skin; this isn’t an issue when it is kept safely behind glass!

Deep frames are also a great way to display trinkets and other items that, while aesthetically pleasing, aren’t quite as beautiful as jewelry.

DIY Photo Frames

If your family still has some old photos lying about, particularly those in a smaller format than we’re used to today, belt buckles and decorative pins can easily be repurposed to provide an impromptu photo frame.

Napkin Bands

Bracelets make for excellent napkin ties. Smaller bracelets will work better, but you could use a larger bracelet to hold together a big bundle of napkins with bracelet ties.

Adding jewels into your home design projects need not break the bank and doesn’t require any advanced craft skills. It is something every budding home design enthusiast should consider.


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