Instructions for a cozy and warm cottage kitchen

The simple word is enough to imagine us in the middle of the green fields of the English countryside: the cottage kitchen is bound to inspire with its joyful and warm singularity, and we will help you make this uncompromising style flourish in your interior.

Because it skilfully achieves this clever mix of originality—sometimes bordering on eccentricity—and (re)comfort, the cottage kitchen can scare decor enthusiasts, and not just the most novice among them! However, you just have to dare, whether in the choice of colors, such as blue and green, real favorites of this style, in the pattern of the wallpaper, floral or vintage, or even in these strong pieces that have a soul, like a retro sink or a kitchen bar to display your copper pots.

All these rich elements will be softened by natural materials, first and foremost wood, often light, but also by moments of comforting pause which take, for example, the form of a soft bench in the kitchen.

So take the plunge, and design the cottage kitchen of your dreams with us.

A retro sink for a cottage kitchen

We only see him in the room and this is not to displease us: the ceramic kitchen sink will be the essential fitting for a successful cottage kitchen. Both decorative with its white color which stands out, but also practical with its generous size and its beautiful depth, this retro sink can be equipped with two basins and taps with a copper finish to stay in the theme.

A green cottage kitchen without compromise

For a cottage kitchen that does not lack character, but without exuberance, you can push the green cursor to a nice intensity. We can even, as here, let this color encroach on the height, and create an elegant contrast with the lighter elements of the room.

A white cottage kitchen for a refined atmosphere

White can also be used in a cottage kitchen, as long as you combine it with certain essential decorative elements. A postage stamp sink, a wooden worktop, a few floral touches here and there, handles, and rather traditional furniture finishes, and that’s it!

A cottage kitchen with a relaxation area

In an atmosphere as cozy and warm as that of a cottage kitchen, we must offer, when possible, a corner where we can easily relax. This corner here takes the form of a bench generously decorated with soft cushions and ideally placed near a bay window. We dream of it!


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