How to transform your outdoor courtyard into a small garden?

If you are lucky enough to have a courtyard adjoining your home, don’t be depressed by its hostile and concrete appearance and marvel at the incredible development and greening potential that is in your hands! Be sure to find out about your freedom of action with the condominium if the yard is shared and at work: let’s transform your yard into a pretty little rejuvenating garden.

Create different spaces in your yard

Before you start, take the time to think about it: imagine the different spaces that could take place in your yard. Whatever surface you have, it is indeed advisable to structure your lesson into different zones. Each will be dedicated to a specific activity.

There may be (to adapt to your desires and the surface you have) the dining area with table and chairs, the barbecue area, the relaxation area with small garden furniture, or a simple deckchair installed in the middle of the vegetation for read or rest, the play area which can accommodate a swing or a small pétanque court, etc.

How to harmoniously organize these spaces in your yard:

  • Play with the levels by raising the relaxation area, for example, with a wooden terrace.
  • Install a pergola above the dining area to bring you shade and privacy (compared to the upper floors).
  • Plan garden paths to facilitate circulation and structure the space.
  • Consider installing screen walls to hide the corner dedicated to storing bicycles or gardening tools.

Add potted plants

The easiest and most accessible way to green your yard? Keep the current flooring and install potted plants! Install them in containers large enough to limit the rapid evaporation of water (the substrate dries very quickly in small pots) and select plants adapted to the exposure of your yard:

  • Which plants are in a shaded yard? Hostas and ferns for their decorative foliage, and rhododendrons, or hydrangeas for their flowers. Bamboo will also like it.
  • What plants are in a yard in the sun? If you take advantage of the sun in your yard, even if only partially, welcome butterfly trees, perennial geraniums, palm trees, and why not a few dwarf fruit trees!

How about a vegetable garden?

In your yard transformed into a garden, the vegetable garden has its place insofar as the sunshine is sufficient to make your vegetables grow: most need at least 6 hours of sun a day to develop. However, some vegetable plants appreciate partial shade, such as lettuce, spinach, parsley, mint, rhubarb, wild strawberries, and other raspberries.

Install fairly large and deep enough containers (at least 30 or 40 cm), especially if you plan to grow root vegetables. The raised vegetable bed is also a good idea in a yard: you don’t hurt your back and again play with heights.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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