How to Remove an Interior Wall in 5 Steps

Creating some space in your home or moving things around does sound pretty nice in order to overhaul your house. But if it includes removing an interior wall, things start to get a bit difficult. Dealing with this issue is not something that you need to take lightly. It will require craftsmanship and resources. Luckily, you don’t need a permit to do it but you might ask the help of some professionals in order to deal with everything properly.

Planning everything ahead is really important. You should know that this type of construction work might take you a whole week to do. You will most likely need to spend between $300 to $1,000 for a regular wall or up to $3,000 if it is a load-bearing wall.

Safety is a great concern as well as a lot of building materials left behind can be hazardous and dangerous, so you need to think about that as well.

We have prepared for you some helpful advice that you can do complete in 5 easy steps.

How to Remove an Interior Wall in 5 Steps

Collect Tools and Materials

Every good job requires good tools and materials. Before you start any work whatsoever, make sure that you have gathered up everything on the list that you need.

Make a list before you start. Determine the amount of everything that you need and buy it. Find all the appropriate tools necessary for the job and once you are sure that you have everything it is then that you start.

Prepare to Tear Down the Wall

Before you actually start brining the wall down you need to make certain preparations. These include covering all the vents and windows so no loose debris ends up in other rooms. You can also cover the entire doorways with plastic so dost particles don’t end up in other parts of the house. Remove any doors, baseboards and trim from the wall before you start tearing it down.

It is also good to have a helping hand as this is hard work and requires some help. Recruit your friends to help you and also rent a dumpster truck or a service that you can use to get rid of all the debris that you will most likely end up with.

Start the Demolition

This is where the fun part begins and all the hard work starts. First, make sure to remove all the electrical outlets or things that might get into the way. Also, it is necessary to determine if it is a load-bearing wall as well. Outline the part you wish to remove with a pensile or cut it out with a knife. Start with a small starter hole that you can make with a sledgehammer.

Remove any panels of drywall from between the studs. You might encounter some insulation that you need to get rid of. Remove the drywall from the other side once you remove the one from the first side.

Cut the Studs and Plates

Now comes the part where you need to cut and remove all the studs. You need a reciprocating saw for that and some help. As you cut ask a friend to hold the stud for you as you cut at the bottom. Pull everything out when done.

After that comes the part where you need to remove the top and bottom plates. You need a pry bar for that. Have your friend hold the plate as you remove it and do the same for both. Safety first, don’t forget about that.

Patch Everything Up

Once the wall is removed you are left with the cleanup. You need to make sure that you patch the ceiling up and set everything together. It is important to patch all the hose up and gather all the debris that was made. Also important is to repair the floor, you don’t want any leftover nuisances.


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