How to Neatly Store Away Your Decorations for Next Christmas

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We can all truly admit how much we love the Christmas holidays, especially seeing all the beautiful lights, trees, and decorations everywhere. Putting up the tree is so exciting, if you remember where you packed it away last year. Yes, most of us simply throw all the decorations into the basement and forget that we would need to use them again when the following holidays come.

Another dreadful thing for many is when all the ornaments and lights are tangled up in a dusty box somewhere in the attic. The thought of detangling all that mess can kill the holiday spirit. There are, however, a number of techniques one can use to avoid losing their Christmas decorations or leaving them disorganized.

Here are some ways to safely store your Christmas décor so when the holidays come again, it would be as if you have brand new ones.

Storing the ornaments

The Christmas ornaments may just be the little pieces that go on a tree, but they make everything look beautiful. So, you must make sure the ones you have are stored safely and not lost.

Tree ornaments being so small, need small boxes and packaging for safekeeping. A brilliant way to keep these is by using packaging from all the holiday food. We know that there are always many groceries on the holidays, and we just end up throwing away the little boxes and cartons. Food like the Ferrero Rocher fine hazelnut chocolates, the holiday trail mix, and the ovation break-a-parts on the Meijer ad for next week have great boxes that can store these little ornaments. So when you buy all the goodies for this Christmas, remember to keep those little boxes for the ornaments and then later package them neatly into bigger boxes.

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The Christmas tree.

Christmas trees can get very expensive, especially during the holidays, so you need to make sure that it will last you a couple of years when you buy one, an artificial one that is. Only by properly storing it is this feasible. There are two ways to do this. The first way is the cheap way where you use plastic shrink wrap. After removing all ornaments and lights, all you need is some plastic shrink wrap. Carefully wrap the tree all around with the plastic. Make sure you do not damage the tree and afterwards store it in a cool, dry place, and you are done. The second way is just by buying a big storage bag for your tree. It is a matter of unzipping and zipping once all ornaments are off and you know that your tree is safe.


Christmas lights look pretty while placed on a tree but not in a jumbled-up bunch. An excellent way to put away your lights in an orderly manner is by using sturdy cardboard for them. Coil the lights on the board in a systematic and neat way, and you are guaranteed they will survive for another season of lighting up your living room.


Holidays are about spending quality time with family and loved ones having fun. So we are sure that these hacks can help when putting away or setting up your decorations and leaving more time to enjoy with family and friends.


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